Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mudge Forgot A Title, But Read Anyway!

I know CW has seemed like one of those panhandlers at most DC metro area intersections, always asking us for more money, but I thought you might like to see what a guy who is trying to take more of your money without even asking has to say about your decision to give to the Romney campaign.  Somehow reading this makes me want to give even more:
"Mudge --

The headlines are talking about how you and I got beat again by the other side in fundraising.

Those headlines aren't going away. I will be outspent in this election. And we will not win the ad wars on TV and radio -- right now, the other side is outspending us on TV by at least 2-to-1 in most battleground states.

And that's OK. But only if we're able to keep the spending gap close enough so that our investments in a truly grassroots campaign pay off.

I believe in that model, and I'm betting that you do, too.

It's moments like these that I need you to act on that belief. Can you make a donation of $3 or more today?

Thank you,


P.S. -- To say thanks for all you're doing for me and for this campaign, we're inviting a couple grassroots supporters -- and their guests -- to New York for a special event with some basketball greats. Even if you don't share my love for basketball, I'd love to meet you. If you're interested, make a donation here today, and you'll be automatically entered to join us. I may even challenge you to a quick shootaround."

I'm pretty sure most analysts agree (even the left wingers) that Obama is outspending on the negative ads by almost two to one but why mince lies?

Also, it's been a while since I played any basketball but I don't ever recall any occasion where any of my basketball buddies ever suggested we meet up for a "quick shootaround."  When I hear him say things like that, I can't help but think of CW's favorite picture of "Barack" on his bike. Yeah, he's so hip.

Anyway, just so we can make Barak write even more of these pathetic notes to his dwindling base, may I suggest that you click on the "Romney for President" link at right to make a donation to a President who, just like every President before our illustrious incumbent, never associated with domestic terrorists, never abided by a preacher saying "God DAMN America," never denounced personal accomplishment, never made a world apology tour for his country and whose First Lady has ALWAYS been proud of her country.  Oh, and a President who actually knows what he's doing in the job.

And remember to indicate that you know your referrer (CW).


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