Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where Did the Anti-War Left Go?

We are currently (still) fighting a war in Afghanistan.  There happen to be over 80,000 Americans there.  We recently passed the 2000 KIA mark, with over half of these deaths having occurred in the past 27 months.  Are we any closer to victory?  What is victory?  How will it be measured?  What are its terms?  Have any of you been exposed to these questions in our Bought and Paid for Media lately.  Of course not.  Let's face it; it's just more fun to be anti-war when there's a Republican in the White House than when there is a Democrat.

Do you remember way back into the Bush Administration--you know, the one who ruined everything so Barack Obama could come and save us?  Do you remember the relentless drumbeat of anti-war/anti-Administration rhetoric coming from the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself).  Do you remember how vilified the President was?  You're seeing none of that now.  Conducting a war as a Democrat classifies as one of the least difficult things a President can do, as your political opposition is genetically wired to support your actions, and your genetically -predisposed-to-protest-war supporters in the media and academia sit on their hands for fear of roiling the waters. 

Where are the protests in the streets?  Where is Cindy Sheehan?  Where is Nancy Pelosi?  Why haven't we heard from these people?

Looking for hard evidence of media bias, folks? 


"The Hammer" said...

Gee, makes you wonder doesn't it?

By the way, seen any coverage of the homeless lately?

Sally said...

I was wondering where those Code Pink freaks disappeared to. I guess they're holed up in a bunker somewhere, preparing to resurface sometime in late January.

Mudge said...

"Where is Cindy Sheehan? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Why haven't we heard from these people?"

Are you out of your mind? Did you get bitten by some African insect carrying a brainstem-consuming parasite? If you miss either of them talking, please walk into the nearest school classroom, take a metal ruler and drag it sideways down the blackboard, repeatedly and incessantly but don't, under any circumstances, make them think that anyone, anywhere actually misses hearing their voices.

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