Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hammer

You old dog!

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"The Hammer" said...

Thanks CW. Now my enemies have one more piece to the puzzle in their quest to ruin me. You may not believe this but there are people, important people, people you would never dream of, who have it in for me. I've seen things, terrible things, and I've been warned to keep my mouth shut (code words on TV if you must know). I'm under constant surveillance. My house has been bugged and burgled (I'm pretty sure). My family has been harassed at Chili's, eh you know with bad food and stuff. My football team has been beaten FOR NO APPARENT REASON! I've seen helicopters and drones (and don't tell me that was a Piper Cub; THAT WAS A DRONE!). I've had to wait in line at the DMV for 45 minutes. So please don't tell me I'm paranoid.

And now, NOW, you put my birthday out there for all the world to see. Thanks for nothing asshole! Now I gotta change my phone number again.

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