Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The View from the Couch

Though our blog host is providing us a great view from the ground, here's my view of last night from the cheap seats in my family room:

LOVED Ann Romney.  After the first few faltering minutes I was starting to think it was going to be a long half hour not only for her but all of us watching.  When she hit her stride, though, I was blown away by her confidence, poise and authenticity.  Think about what that must be like for these political wives:  politicians give speeches all the time...her first major speech was to millions and there was so much on the line.  She was lovely.  Big win.

Best speaker of the night:  Nikki Haley.  Happy warrior.  Indictments of this administration the best articulated of the night.  Great remarks (and sustained applause) on labor, voter ID laws, and besides she's adorable to look at.

Most overrated speaker of the night:  Ted Cruz.  I know he's considered a conservative darling, but his eschewing of the podium and wandering around the stage made him look like a televangelist, and a cheesy one at that.

Most confusing speaker of the night:  Chris Christie.  Love the guy, but wasn't quite sure what that speech was about.  Maybe we're so spoiled by all his other appearances that this one, while good, fell short.  Or maybe he doesn't perform as well without interaction from a miscreant in the crowd.  (They should have planted a heckler).  

Biggest tool of the night, individual award:  Juan Williams, for referring to Ann Romney as a 'corporate wife.'

Biggest tool of the night, group award:  MSNBC, who cut away from nearly every minority speaker to provide their ridiculous 'analysis.' 

Most improved:  Scott Walker.  This guy has really come a long way as a speaker.  He's been right on the issues, of course, but hasn't been a terribly gifted speaker and has been ham-handed in conveying his reform ideas.  He's much more polished now...and a force for the future.

Didn't see Mia Love or John Kasich, and only caught moments of Artur Davis' speech.  So perhaps I missed something big.  What are your thoughts?

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