Friday, August 10, 2012

A Word of Caution

With apparently little else to talk about (or maybe they're just tired with sore backs after carrying O for so long), the media is working themselves into a frenzy this week over VP speculation.  Will it be the safe, vanilla Portman or Pawlenty?  Will it be the energizing Rubio or Ryan?  Will it be the dark horse Christie or Jindal? 

Jeb Bush says Rubio.  Cheney says Portman.  The Wall Street Journal says Ryan.  The Conservative Wahoo (as much of a respected voice as those other ones!) says Condoleezza Rice. 

It's easy to get caught up into believing that one pick or another could spell doomsday or certain victory for Romney.  We all have our favorites, but we HAVE to remember something:  whoever is picked has fared well in the Romney campaign's internal polls.  Whoever is picked has been run by countless focus groups and came out looking good.  There are plenty of issues to have with this campaign thus far, but a VP choice that hasn't been thoroughly scrutinized and poll-tested won't be among them.   The selection will be a plus for the ticket even if it won't necessarily seem that way to us.

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