Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arlen Specter, Dead at 82

That's odd, I could have sworn he died right after this announcement.
Arlen Specter died today.

In other major news, Chinese scientists have indications that early man ate small pandas as part of their diet. Such a sad, sad story. 


The Conservative Wahoo said...

My disdain for Arlen Specter knows no bounds. He was the very definition of "craven opportunist".

Tom de Plume said...

I did like what his wall of sound did for popular music.

Sally said...

Story #2 is far more upsetting. And get a load of the front page of today's Philadelphia Inquirer: 'PA's longest serving senator remembered as a man of principle.' BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

About as principled as Charlie Crist.

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