Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brains are Lady Parts Too


From Obama's campaign website.  Probably inspired by Sandra Fluke. 

Because reproductive rights are the only thing women could possibly care about. 

Again I ask:  is there no one on that campaign team with enough savvy to pull the plug on this nonsense? 


Mudge said...

CW - That's it. I propose moving Sally to top contributing author billing. She's been great these past several months and, well, I've done zip decimal zip. I'd propose Hammer for that billing too but I don't want it to go to his head. Seriously, they have been carrying the load for this blog for a while now and they just keep getting better.

Sally said...

Mudge, you're making me blush down to my lady parts. Hammer's the one that carries the day though, and if he had top billing just think what he might replace that silly fish with!

"The Hammer" said...

Thank you all for those kind words. Although it may be true, CW isn't the blogger he used to be ( or the man he used to be by all accounts) he's still our Leader. The man is an experienced commander, and he deserves our loyalty and respect. I'm a XO kinda guy, but in the top spot I'd ruin myself and eerybody else in short order. I'm George Patton to CW's Dwight Eisenhower. You wouldn't want me running things.

Anonymous said...

Mudge, quit the boy love for Hammer. It's the same old tired BS over and over again. Sally on the other hand, is refreshing.

Mudge said...

Dear Sweet Anon - I didn't mean to make you think i'm trying to steal your man. But I'm just flirting with Hammer, that's all. I'm sure he knows which of us has genuine desires for him. And if you don't think he does, then just quit pretending to play hard to get and come out and let him know how you really feel. It's obvious to everyone anyway. Sure Hammer enjoys the chase, but you are just depriving yourself of quality time with your man. It's even a little, well, pathetic. C'monanon, go for it.

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