Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'll Have a Slice

This is what the American economy looks like to a Democrat. In the words of economist Lester Thurow, we live in a zero-sum society. The pie is only so big and no bigger. If you take a larger slice then I must get a smaller slice. Liberals believe this with all their heart, and that's the trouble, their brain never enters into it.

A case in point is Robert Gibbs on "Stephie" Stephanopoulos' show this morning (by the way Stephie is an eminently fair, unbiased journalist type of guy, just ask the NY Times). While ever so gently bringing up the debate Mr. Gibbs said Romney was a liar, he would lower taxes by 5 trillion on the very rich to be "paid for" by the middle class. Of course Stephie being the serious interviewer that he is jumped all over this assertion asking Mr. Gibbs if "we would see a different President Obama this next debate?" Hard hitting journalism at its best! But he wasn't done yet. Ed Gilespie of the RNC was up next and thus spaketh Stephie "You heard Robert right there 'masterful, theatrical, fundamentally dishonest', either he's (Romney) not telling the truth about the scale of the tax plan or abandoning his economic theory...which one is it?"

Now let's put aside for a moment that even the liberal has called this 5 trillion dollar figure "a totally fabricated bullshit lie" (I think I quoted them accurately), let's just take a closer look. Way back when, Reagan actually did what Romney is proposing; i.e. lowering marginal rates and cleaning out all the subsidies and loopholes from the tax code. And now, over the years, slowly but surely they have been added back in. Presently the tax code is a mess. Well maybe not if you're an avocado grower in California or a dairy farmer in Minnesota getting your subsidies.  Or if you get a tax break for importing French cosmetics because some Congressman's niece is married to Este Lauder's great grandson see how it works. So the point is much of this "tax cut" will be offset by critically needed tax reform. Another Stephanie (Cutter) admitted as much yesterday on CNN. But what exactly did happen after Rockin' Ronnie lowered the marginal rates? That's right kids, tax revenues to the government exploded and the PIE GOT BIGGER as predicted by the easily understandable Laffer Curve.
Just for the record, this is not an economic theory. This has been proven correct time and again and was even pointed out to candidate Obama by Charlie Gibson in the debates of '08. To which Obama famously replied; so what, we're talking fairness here, not good public policy.

So when you see halfwits like Robert Gibbs on the tube, don't think for a minute they are not being genuine. For them Romney's plan doesn't add up. For them the pie is finite. For them we live in a zero-sum society.


Sally said...

What kind of pie is that? It doesn't look very yummy.

"The Hammer" said...

I'm so pleased you got the full measure of my point Sally.

Mudge said...
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Mudge said...

I'm with Sally. Could you replace it with a nice seasonal pumpkin or sweet potato pie (and with pastry crust, not that graham cracker stuff).

PK said...

It's key lime or lemon. I think it looks delicious. I love the idea that this pie can get bigger!

"The Hammer" said...

I'll get right on it.

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