Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brotherhood and Solidarity

Yes friends, in the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity the Muslim world has come together and decided... NOT IN MY BACKYARD!

QATAR, the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and SAUDI ARABIA are increasingly criticized by rights organizations, which say the wealthy Persian Gulf countries have not offered to take in even one Syrian refugee. The nations have contributed to humanitarian aid, some generously.
LA Times 9/8/15

Oh yes thank you, thank you very much for your generosity! The ultra-wealthy oil kingdoms are throwing a few bones at the ultra-stupid Europeans who are currently being flooded with welfare seeking juhadis from all over the Islamic world, but somehow the House of Saud just can't bring themselves to take any in. These "refugees" have either Syrian passports, fake Syrian passports or no passports at all but claim Syrian citizenship (we're refugees from a war zone don't you know) so if you're a humanitarian you must give us political asylum... according to YOUR rules. By the way, these "refugees" refuse to be settled in Greece (they're bankrupt) or Hungary (too far from the media spotlight plus they HATE Saracens from way back and were raised communists, so they're not soft). No, they want Germany, but will take Sweden if that's all you got.
Merkel has agreed to take 800,000 many they know absolutely NOTHING about, JUST THIS YEAR! 800k screaming, hungry, needy, potential suicide bombers, enough to populate Munich, year after year after year while the richest countries in the world, MUSLIM countries, refuse even one.

But come on, why would they take any? They're not stupid. They don't live by the rules we impose upon ourselves which basically say anything we do in our own self-interest, most especially if it conflicts with the interest of minorities or people of color whatever their circumstance or nationality, is by definition racist. No they live by the rule...what's in it for me? From their perspective they're thinking we're rich and we don't need a bunch of po-asses taking our money and fomenting rebellion. Nothing wrong with that. In my view a very reasonable approach.

Some leaders we have in the West. Traitors and cowards the lot.

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