Friday, September 11, 2015

The Death of Europe

Europe is in a fix, and as is usual with do-gooder leftists they did it to themselves. Furthermore, again as usual, they will be asking their citizens to pay the price for their hair-brained schemes. Did I say "ask"? Just kidding.

The EU has done everything they could to erase all their borders for going on something like 20 years now. Used to be you'd be sleeping on a train going through Brenner and some attitudinal Polizei would roust your ass in that guttural, clearing one's throat language of theirs and DEMAND Ihren Reisepass bitte! And lookout if you didn't snap to, they might just go through all your shit just for fun. But those days are over. Now you just walk right in, sit right down and order your free lunch.

Merkel and the other Eurweenie states have two choices; they can round up all these people, put them on a suitable Greek Island somewhere and sort them out one by one.
Ok you're name is Mohammed bin Turd. You claim to be a war refugee from Syria and you're into Miley Cyrus, chicks w/dicks and Al-Farghani history comics. Great, political asylum granted.
Don't do this and a lot of very bad people will be crossing those borders. Plus there's precedence for this approach. The Australians had a "boat people" crisis a couple of years ago. They were getting every raghead bastard from Indonesia, Malaysia, name it, riding everything but bathtubs to their country. Initially they tried camps and all the rest. Finally they adopted a policy of turning them away ("HEY YOU...YEAH YOU! Get your ass back to Kuala Lumpur!") or putting them up OUTSIDE the country to be processed. In 2012 they had 300 boatloads of human refuge, in 2015 they've had exactly ZERO.

OR...door Number Two, national suicide maybe twenty years down the line. Don't think so? Well consider...
•Muslims don't play well with others. Given the numbers they will take over. They have to, it's in the Koran.
•European leadership is weak and everybody from the Arabs to Putin to some second grader in Montevideo knows that to be true. There's nothing worse than a leader who acts in the best interest of ANOTHER COUNTRY'S CITIZENS rather than their own. I'm sure you can relate.
• Assimilation is impossible for a Muslim. Islam by its nature is incompatible with a modern democratic state. It is theocratic and authoritarian, and it likes it that way.
•BEST CASE SCENARIO is they live on welfare and the police keep the rapes and honor killings down to a manageable level. According to Peggy Noonan 70%+ are men, mostly in their 20's. How many will get a job and pay taxes? How many will take European wives and start a family and invest in their new country? See the problem? Can you say Der Auslander brannte mein Auto??

Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.


LL said...

Well summarized as usual, Hammer.

Charles Martel didn't live in an era of political correctness. If he had, the convert-or-die doctrine of Islam would have finished Europe off (before it really got started).

And on this anniversary of the 9/11 attack it's good to take a look back at how impossibly myopic America has become. Can you imagine any circumstance where we would have:

* Welcomed 10,000 Muslim refugees.
* Elected an occasional Muslim Socialist named Barack Hussein Obama to be president
* Suggested that military recruiting centers, targeted by Muslims be "gun-free zones"

On 9/12/01???

Tom de Plume said...

8 years after the Alamo, Sam Houston was the President of the Republic of Texas. Texans remembered the Alamo. 8 years after Pearl Harbor, Harry S Truman was the President of the United States. America remembered Pearl Harbor. 8 years after 9/11, Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States. His supporters either forgot, or are traitors.

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