Friday, September 18, 2015

Communists, Muslims and Communist-Muslims

Добро пожаловать товарищ
•It never fails, one is what one is be they an individual or a political party. The British Labour Party's brief foray into moderation is over and they have come home to their roots with new leader Jeremy Corbyn. Just as Bill Clinton was an anomaly, a political outlier, Tony Blair's "New Labour" has gone the way of Boehner and McConnell's backbone...never to be heard from again. Today Blair is reviled within Labour as much as Jimmy Carter or Richard Nixon were by their parties years ago (or Boehner and McConnell now). It's in the DNA, you are what you are. Welcome home comrade.

•Reportedly our beloved President is taking 10K Muslim refugees "from Syria" almost immediately, the overwhelming majority military age males. 300-350K are in the pipeline. Well gosh, where are the Christians? They are the ones being persecuted by all sides in the Islamic world are they not? How about women and children? Wouldn't they get first priority? Is this a humanitarian effort or a means to inject a few more Boston bombers into the US?

•At this point in the game is there any doubt that to the extent Baraq Obama has a religion, that religion is Islam? I'm not making an accusation nor am I speculating. I am making a judgement based on the evidence, and the evidence is clear. Radical Islam is stronger, more influential, more wealthy and much more dangerous under the "leadership" of our President than anyone could have possibly predicted. It's really quite astounding if you think about it. Militarily we are weaker than we've ever been in my lifetime, the Russians are setting up shop in Syria and we're allowing Iran a nuclear program. The frog is now boiling.


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