Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Hammer's College Football Roundup: Week 2

Do you believe in ESP? You know, extra sensory perception like the kid in The Shining. Well I think CW and I have something akin to that going on because when Notre Dame's second string quarterback hit a TD bomb with 12 seconds on the clock to steal one from UVA in Charlottesville, well I could just feel this unendurable pain/frustration/hopelessness coming out of the Mary-Land eastern shore. I thought for a second it was the Russians setting off an EMP weapon or something. Then I realized it was just CW screaming into his embroidered "Wahoolia Rules" pillow he got for his fiftieth. It was a very powerful and disturbing experience for me! Man it was weird, instead of repeating REDRUM REDRUM over and over again he kept saying "WOLBEW, WOLBEW". Still ain't figured that one out yet. Cheer up CW, at least Marco is doing GREAT!

In relevant news we had a couple of real surprises and a couple of barn burners. Tennessee was laying in wait for OU in Knoxville ready to assume their traditional role as a college football power. They came out smoking and had the Sooners down 17-3 at the half but gave up two TDs in the fourth to send it into overtime, where they lost. The Vols scored not one friggin' point in the second half! This one is on the offensive coordinator.

Auburn looked like absolute shit against Jacksonville State. Who's the hell are they you say? That's funny, I was asking the same thing. First I thought it was the old Jacksonville of Artis Gilmore and Rex Morgan (look it up) but I looked it up. It's in Jacksonville, Ala-Goddamn-Bama! I didn't know that shithole had a Jacksonville. Anyway the Gamecocks, that's right the Gamecocks (LOL) played pretty well, especially their QB and gave the War Eagles a scare. Eh, it happens. Wouldn't read too much into this.

Oregon went on the road to East Lansing (is there a West Lansing?) and were one overthrown ball away from an important road win. Sorry, with lots of graduations to make up for it's Ducks Limited this year. Boise State lost to BYU allowing three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. LSU got a nice win against Mississississippi State and Ohio State and the Tide both got wins although they looked a little disinterested while doing it. South Carolina lost to the basketball school of basketball schools Kentucky.

In ACC action Lewisville lost to Houston going 0-2 so looks like their season is screwed. Clemson, Ga. Tech, FSU and Duke all rolled. My beloved WolfPack kicked another junior college in the ass, this weeks chump was Eastern Kentucky. Next week Old Dominion and the week after S. Alabama...can't wait.

Well that's it. Not a bad week, just be glad you didn't go to UVA!

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LL said...

UVA has bad karma.

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