Sunday, September 20, 2015

Virginia 35 William and Mary 29

As we left the stadium as the sun went down last evening, Brother Tom--who had graced Rob and me with his insightful football analysis all afternoon, had a truly inspiring moment of insight.  "Neither fan base is happy".  And he was right.

William and Mary fans had a right to be pissed...they outplayed us, but had a few big play breakdowns that sealed their fate.  But they played better.

Virginia?  Defense was a sieve.  Offense couldn't move the ball for the final 1/3 of the game.  Penalties, penalties, penalties.  No time outs left with 5:30 left in the game.  Special teams miscues.  Coaching. Coaching. Coaching.

Mike London simply isn't a big time coach.  He doesn't seem to be able to stay focused and manage the game for its entirety.  Flashes here and there, but he can't maintain.  It's time to go.

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