Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Finlandization of the Republican Party

  1. the process or result of being obliged, or at least not oppose, the interests of the former Soviet Union despite not being politically allied to it.

Substitute Democrat Party for "former Soviet Union" and I think we have a pretty apt description of the Republican Party establishment. 

Did you see McConnell's comments on defunding Planned Parenthood? "Gee, you know it's like really impossible to do anything around here. The Democrats are really mean and gosh I can't do anything without them and then there's the President darn-it. If he gets mad then he'll call us racist and we could like screw up the election for Jeb." 

Way to show some guts Mitch! 

Let's face it, we're just unlucky (to be kind) or idiots (to be accurate). We got this old fool running the Senate and our Speaker is a drunk. Plus what really sucks is he's not a MEAN drunk, which could actually come in handy. No he's a sobbing drunk. You know, one of these guys who sits in the corner crying about his long lost girlfriend from college and how in the world could he have married this evil bitch who has turned his kids against him and spends his money like it was water blah blah blah sob sob sob! Jesus, just mention to Boehner that his dad was a bartender and #1 he'll grab a bottle of Jack Black #2 start bawling like the Wehrmacht marching through the Arc de Triomphe. 

I've said it a thousand times: GOD HATES A COWARD! Plus, remember what Coach Lombardi taught us, winning is a habit and losing is a habit. When you're a loser it takes ten units of effort to achieve one unit of good. When you're a winner it takes one unit of effort to achieve ten units of good. Our drunk and our tired old man haven't the strength, the character, the courage or the smarts to oppose the Democrats. Furthermore we certainly don't need another ass-wipe of a President to go along with these conciliatory clowns. 


LL said...

Add Jeb Bush to the McConnell/Boehner mix and it certainly would be a dynamic troika. You know that it would frighten Vlad and the boys as much as Team Obama.

"The Hammer" said...

Just read this, great column. If these fancy-pants Republicans don't buy a clue, and soon, then it's THEY who won't have a party. We will take it over and run their asses back to their estates in the Hamptons.

LL said...

Don't forget Martha's Vineyard. The political class (both parties) have estates there too.

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