Friday, September 25, 2015

Herewith, a dumpeth of the tabs

It is the cocktail hour on Friday, and I have many accumulated tabs with interesting stuff to read. Enjoy, or not.

Twenty cognitive biases that screw up your decisions. I sent this one to a number of my fellow corporate tools. Judging by the roaring silence that returned, they must have taken it personally. To be clear, several of these screw up my decisions.

The Bolsheviks kick out Trotsky. Or something like that.

An Aussie writes about Austin.

In dog-bites-man news, The New York Times reports on the earnings of college graduates, by gender, and entirely out of context.

How reliable are the climate models? Well, reliable enough that a pope believes them.

Islam's tragic fatalism. Money quote:

Today most Muslims have little knowledge about these old debates, but they live within cultural codes largely defined by the dogmatists, who gained the upper hand in the war of ideas in early Islam. In these codes, human free will is easily sacrificed to fatalism, science and reason are trivialized, and philosophy is frowned upon.
The "science and reason are trivialized" part seems particularly important. And that was in The New York Times, too.

Biotech stocks crater after Hillary Clinton advocates destroying their rate of return:

Call a doctor! The biotech sector just closed out one of its worst weeks in years after Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton raised concerns about what she described as “price gouging” by health-care and biotech companies.
Hey, by all means go after "rents," but start with somebody else's!

Judging by your blogger's Facebook feed, it is axiomatic on both the right and the left that John Boehner's resignation is a good thing. Conservatives and liberals seem to agree that this will hasten the destruction of the Republican Party, which, curiously, is the one thing about which they agree. We live in interesting times.

Have a good one.


"The Hammer" said...

Are you a scotch or bourbon man? Either way I'd back off a smidgen.

TigerHawk said...

Both, actually, but in this case it was IPA. Scotch, Islay all the way. Bourbon, I loves me the Woodford.

"The Hammer" said...

I love a good IPA myself, the hoppier the better. My idea of hell is canned Budweiser. Not that big of a spirits drinker, although my wife's Irish Hot Whiskey is just the thing for the common cold. Cloves, lemon, Jameson, it's really incredible. JAMA should publish the recipe every flu season.

TigerHawk said...

Hammer, we should have a few IPAs sometime.

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