Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bush on the Mark on Gaza

President Bush's radio address directly accuses Hamas of amping up the civilian death toll in Gaza by deliberately conducting military operations in civilian areas. Good for him. While the Euro/Arab world condemns Israel for protecting itself, Bush calls a spade a spade. We keep hearing of the dire plight of the Palestinian people, of their need for basic services and a functioning economy, yada, yada, yada....but Hamas always seems to have the money to purchase Katuscha rockets on the open market.


Mudge said...

And just imagine the international and domestic outrage if we positioned US Army MLRS launchers inside an Iraqi orphanage compound as we launched missiles into an insurgent-held sector. We would bear every ounce of responsibility and accountability for any orphans or staff killed when the insurgents counter attacked those launch sites (and rightly so). And while there would be outrage from all of us, the most uncontrolled outrage would be the very same people who rail against Israel for counterattacking launchers placed inside civilian communities/mosques/hospitals. It just shows me how little the principle matters to them and it is all about finding every possible opportunity to denounce the US and its allies, no matter what. Despite every attempt to call themselves "patriots", I find those who enjoy the great privilege of US citizenship yet who sprint to hop on every anti-US bandwagon (hitched to a team of jackasses) to be far less their self-proclaimed "patriots" and far more "traitors". Another consideration: do you think Hamas would put its launchers in close proximity to its civilians if it didn't think it would rally the international apologists' typical outrage in support of their strategic objectives? In other words, if it weren't for the reliable, almost guaranteed anti-Israel anti-US response from within, mostly the US, would they ever put their fellow citizens at such risk of horrible injury or death? I think not. Your bleeding hearts are bleeding the blood of those civilians. Try washing that off your hands.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Well said, Mudge.

MoneyBonanza said...


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