Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural Inconvenience

It seems some members of Obamanation were a bit upset about being turned away at the gates on their big day, only to then suffer the indignity of missing planes at National Airport due to long lines.

Look--you chose to come to DC in the middle of the winter. You knew 2-5 million of your closest friends were joining you. You knew that DC officials were publicly predicting all manner of inconvenience and schedule crashing. Please, just be quiet and go home, content that you were "there" for the big day.

Is it me, or do Dems/Libs use the word "outrage" more than Repubs/Cons? I'm not sure I ever use the word outrage, unless I'm parodying a Lib.


Anonymous said...

Why does it sound like this will get blamed on W?

bureavoc said...

Does anyone have a sound clip of Nelson from "The Simpsons" saying "ha-ha".

Dan said...

A fitting prelude to the inefficiencies we can expect from "Big Government" the new administration espouses.

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