Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiny Cracks in the Obama/Mainstream Media Monolith

I'm sorry. I'm being a little childish this afternoon (in spite of our new President's admonition to "put childish things behind" us). You see, this story-- relaying frayed nerves in the White House Press Room--caused me a great deal of pleasure. "How can you do this to us", they cry. "We put you here!".

The Press has a bias toward liberals, and that bias was on display for all to see during this election. But it has an even stronger bias, one that any politician ignores at his or her own peril--it is a bias toward self-aggrandizement. The Press truly believes it has a Constitutional Duty, confusing its own "freedom" with a sense that the founders endowed them an actual policy role.

That the Obama Administration might seek to actually impose some control on this bunch is both heartening (from the side of me that loves order) and delicious (from the side of me who will relish every little kerfuffle that arises between the two).

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Dan said...

Can we still make predictions for 2009? Gibbs doesn't last 6 months as press secretary. Replaced by Keith Olbermann.

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