Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Non-Stimulus is Out of the Closet

Interesting story here from the Washington Post. I've listened to the President talk about his bill, I've heard him pushing Congress hard to pass it as soon as possible because of the "emergency" that we're in--but as things go on, what looked to be the case--that Dems were trying to use this bill to do much more than just prime the economic pump--is actually the case.

What Dems are copping to in this story is that not only are they trying to transform the economy with this bill--but that the presence of $275B of tax cuts gets in the way of doing so!

I am heartened by the words of Alice Rivlin, Bill Clinton's budget director who testified in Congress yesterday that they should split this into two with the stimulative stuff, and a separate one with the other stuff. Will Dems do this? Of course not! Because then they would be exposed as the frauds they are, using the economic emergency as high cover to enable their spending instincts.

I am also heartened by the attitude of some legislators that questions the amount of money going to actual works projects. If you're going to piss away money--and they are--there ought to be something left behind from it.


Dan said...

"...there ought to be something left behind from it."
Thank goodness the Dems pulled the spending for contraceptives. Not exactly something we'd like "left behind."

Mudge said...

Dan - That's grosser than the grossest thing on a gross day in Grossville. (my sister shared that quote with me the other day and I couldn't wait to use it).

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