Saturday, January 31, 2009

President Obama's Team

Ok. Let's take a look at "the dream team" thus far:

Attorney General--Eric Holder. Gave the green light for Democratic Party hack Marc Rich's pardon in the waning days of the Clinton Administration, as well as the pardons of the FALN Puerto Rican terrorists who killed an NYC policeman.

Secretary of Commerce--Gov Bill Richardson. Pulled his name from contention after reports he was under Grand Jury investigation for campaign finance irregularities.

Secretary of the Treasury--Tim Geithner. Failed to pay $40,000 in income taxes while acting as a consultant to the IMF. The Treasury Secretary oversees the IRS, incidentally.

Secretary of Health and Human Services--Tom Daschle. Failed to pay over $100,000 in income taxes.

Add to this, Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Lynn, who has done nothing wrong except act as Raytheon' Corporation's top paid lobbyist for several years...for whom Obama made an "exception" to his showy policy of "no lobbyists need apply".

Off to a bit of a rough spot, but no dots to connect here. Nope. Move along. There isn't any issue with the Obama vetting process. Nope. Couldn't be.


Sally said...

Smart idea to ensure Geithner's confirmation went first. Going to have a tough time protesting Daschle if the TREASURY Secretary had tax issues and was confirmed.

Isn't this really just a 'distraction,' though-a 'common mistake' and a 'speed bump' in the process to confirm the ONLY person who could head Health and Human services at this time.

Hippolito "Hipp" O'Crite said...

See, that's just the problem with you conservatives. You pick and pick and pick at the littlest things. I mean, c'mon, it's not like this is a Republican administration where these would be the highest of high crimes. Speaking of which, why hasn't Nancy followed through on her promise to bring our former President up on charges? Must be due to all you conservatives distracting her with these piddly little non-issues. Try reaching across the aisle how about it?

Dan said...

Do you notice how Secretary Gates is referred to in the MSM? More often than not, you see "Holdover from the Bush Administration" as his description. Not, "President Obama's SECDEF choice." Not, "President Obama's sole bipartisan selection on his cabinet."

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