Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why John Derbyshire Doesn't Care About the Palestinians

An "oldie but goody" from John Derbyshire on why he isn't more sympathetic to the Palestinians. His overview of the stench rising from the Arab world (circa 2002) is only reinforced by the passing of six years. The Palestinian "refugee camps" are now cities, with infrastructure, schools, and governments. The Arab World likes the Palestinians right where they are, as none of them want this problem to be might cause their people to look even more critically at their own rotten governments. The Palestinian people have become so thoroughly immersed in their own victimology that they can't seem to get out of it. Ultimately, a Palestinian State is part of the answer (actually, it was part of the 1947 answer, but the Arabs didn't want to hear that), but we should all be sure about what we would get--another feckless Arab kleptocracy unable to perform even the most basic of governing functions.

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