Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bush/Obama Cooperation on Economy?

Very, very interesting article here about some inside moves in the battle to shore up our economy. The way the TARP program relief was structured, the President needs to "inform" Congress that he wishes to spend the rest of the money. If Congress does nothing, he gets to spend it after 15 days. If congress votes the request down, the President can veto their move and the money gets spent anyway! This is a situation worth thinking about, and here's why. PEBO's Secretary of the Treasury was the Chairman of the NY Fed--he was part of the TARP planning every step of the way! He knows how critical it is to keep Congress from messing with this (from an Executive Branch view), and so, they (PEBO's team) want Bush to push this through before he leaves, so that HE is ultimately the one to issue the veto--rather than PEBO. PEBO doesn't want a giant turd in the punchbowl with Congress as his first legislative event out of the chute.

What is required to make this all work? Bush has to cooperate. Will PEBO be even the least bit publicly appreciative? No. Not even a bit. He'll probably even pile on as the shrill cries of the Dems in the Congress rise to a fever pitch. All the while, he, Reid and Pelosi will be sitting back recognizing what a bullet they just dodged because Bush took it for them.

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