Friday, January 23, 2009

Glass Ceiling Nonsense

Anne Kornbult's piece in the Washington Post this morning is senseless drivel. Caroline Kennedy's odd bid to be appointed Senator is held up as evidence of some kind of glass ceiling for women in politics. Never mind that the seat she would have filled was held by a woman....or that the Governor of NY has today appointed yet another woman to the seat....none of this makes any sense in the victim narrative.

Kornlut goes on to hold up three other instances in which men were appointed to Senate seats in the previous few months as having had "...far less drama." Far less drama? Roland Burris being nominated by Governor Perp-walk-ovich threatened by Harry Reid with not being seated until Barack Obama showed Harry who the boss was? Come on, Anne. Get your facts straight.

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Mudge said...

You should instead make this a letter to the editor. Expose enough of these and maybe even the
WaPost will begin to distance themselves from her.

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