Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Proud to Be a Republican

A couple of months ago, I stated in this blog that it was the first day that I could remember not being proud to be a Republican. The occasion for those words was the defeat that day of the President's bank bailout plan, something I considered to be TRULY emergency legislation designed to add some stability to the financial system (which I believe it has).

Well, the House Republicans redeemed themselves today. Not a single one voted for this travesty of a bill masquerading as a stimulus package, and they were joined by a dozen Dems.

Hopefully, the Senate and a conference committee will bring this thing around a bit. It will never be something Republicans will like, but it might wind up being less bad.

UPDATE: My newly elected Dem Congressman Frank Kratovil, recipient of both an email and a phone call from me, was one of the honorable Dems voting against this bill. Good for you Frank. Bottom line though...once it's gone through conference, he'll get leaned on by the party leadership and vote for the next bill.


Mudge said...

Did you see Pelosi when announcing the yeas and nays? She actually clapped as if she was a little school girl getting her favorite doll for Christmas "oh goody goody goody". There is little (besides an earthquake cutting Hollywood adrift in the Pacific) that could improve the USA more than replacing the Speaker of the House...IMMEDIATELY. She treats the position of being third in line to the Presidency as if it was established especially for her to settle her own personal vendettas. It has been a long time since that position had such a dearth of class. One would think that someone with the title of Speaker would know how to speak with at least a modicum of respect, class and intellect. She lacks all three from everything I've heard emanate from her lips. OF note, I was rather taken aback today when, on Today, Matt Lauer asked Robert Gibbs if maybe it was Nancy Pelosi who didn't hear the President's words on inauguration day about bringing change to Washington and working together. I'm looking forward to his upcoming interview with President Obama. Maybe he'll get that question before him. My sense is Obama may be more revealing than his Press Secretary could be.

Sally said...

Good for Matt Lauer. I was waiting for the first newscaster to say 'and these are the reasons why the GOP was opposed to this measure' instead of blaring 'those nasty GOP obstructionists.' And Bryan, good for you for contacting your Congressman-we have to remember to applaud and thank these folks when they do the right thing. I've already launched my notes to Warner and Webb in advance of next week's Senate deliberations, though I don't have much confidence that they'll see things my way.

I give Robert Gibbs a year.

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