Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cocktail Hour at the White House

Now here's change I believe in...President Obama had House and Senate Leadership over to his house last night (you know, the White one), for drinks and laughs. Call it the "Madmen"ization of politics, but a few stiff ones with our Hepcat-in-Chief (thanks to Christopher Hitchens for that jewel of a sobriquet) could be just what the doctor ordered to move toward civility in politics. Note here that I say civility...not docility. Republicans need to stay on the up and up, even as they oppose every measure they see as wasteful and counter to their views. But in the meantime, Splice the Mainbrace!

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Dan said...

"Hepcat-in-Chief...jewel of a

In that vein, I'd like to offer an early Free-for-all-Friday topic -- namely, what caricature would you recommend for Garry Trudeau's Obama in Doonesbury?
Winner gets 50% of Bryan's Google profit (after taxes).

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