Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama's Election Allows Americans Overseas to Come Out of the Closet

No longer having to pretend that they are Canadians, American expats are loud and proud now that Euros are so happy and loving once again.

I look forward to the day when our European friends wake up from their dream-like state to realize that America has it comes.....AN AMERICAN, as their President.

Anti-americanism is deeply engrained. It is only a matter of time until Europe returns to form.


hente said...

David St. Onge... said he has noticed a change in how his Russian clients treat him.

"They seemed to think better of Americans because we elected a black man as president," he said as he walked through Red Square. "They think we're more enlightened now."

Funny. A Cuban friend was telling me about his studies in Moscow years ago. As a dark skinned foreigner, he didn't feel welcome at all. He flat out stated that Russians hate foreigners. But he did allow that Russian wives were quite friendly once their husbands had passed out from generous ammounts of vodka.

Perhaps the Russians are just happy that with the Obama-Frank regime in control, they'll be able to bitch slap America the way they've been doing to Europe recently.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong CW. Europeans don't perceive Democrats and socialists to be "Americans".

In that respect, they are correct.

Dan said...

4 more years where there is no hope that Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand and the like will take-up residence with their Euro or Canadian counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Dan - There is little that would do so much to improve the quality of our population than to allow admission to someone who puts it all on the line to get into this country in exchange for expulsion of the very names (and their fantasyland compatriots--I feel I must add Tommy Cruise to your list). Let's make this a members only country, where if you publicly pronounce your intention to leave the club, you're out. Let's add if you break the laws. And if you vote democrat. Sorry, slipped on the slope. Delete that last one...

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