Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Addition to the Blog List

I've added a great blog to the list, Foreign Policy Magazine's "Shadow Government" website. Populated with Republican defense and foreign policy types, you get a very good sense of what the right is thinking on these issues. Right up front there now are a few posts on the President's new national security strategy.

My thoughts on the strategy? Well, it's a hell of a lot more like the Bush Strategy than anyone in the White House will publicly say. It's emphasis on economic security is welcome, though their policies to achieve it are asinine.

But all in all--read it, and pause every forty-five seconds and think of applause--then you'll realize that it is just an extended State of the Union speech.

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Dan said...

Michael Gerson had a nice piece in today's WashPost.

He closes with:
The national security doctrine of a president is difficult to implement but often simple to state:

Harry Truman would contain threats.

Ronald Reagan would roll back threats.

George W. Bush would preempt threats.

Barack Obama will out-coordinate threats in multilateral fora.

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