Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's on your minds, folks?  Distraught at not being given field command in Afghanistan?  Got a good idea to cap the oil in the Gulf?  What are you reading these days.

Here's your chance to sound off.


Dan said...

Happy Birthday to CW (albeit a couple of days early). He officially reaches his mid-40's.

Recommend changing the Blog description from "40'ish" to "mid-40'ish."

Tom de Plume said...


CW gave a hard time to a friend last week who is one of those claiming to be from "central" Jersey when everyone knows it's either "north" or "south" Jersey. To be consistant, I am sure CW will agree that there are no "mid-40s"; he is now in his "late 40s".

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Dan thank you, and Happy Birthday right back at you! Dan's in the Suck over in the mideast, but comes home soon after a year doing the empire's bidding.

Tom, you are a cad.

"The Hammer" said...

So CW, how many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest or somewhere in the pack? Your sis at Archer's Lodge is the youngest (and the smartest), that much I do know.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer, I am one of six; the fourth. Five boys precede the arrival of my sister.

Anonymous said...

If General McChrystal offered his resignation, why is the media portraying it as a "sacking" or "firing?"

It appears to me that the decision the President made was to accept his resignation.

This does not equate to a "firing."

Of course, the media wants to ensure it portrays the President as tough, thus, use good action verbs like "fired" and "sacked."

Goldwater's Ghost said...

What are you reading these days.

God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nice GG--Just finished "Hitch 22", Christopher Hitchens' memoir. After a lifetime of references to casual British schoolboy homosexuality, I had come to believe that the whole thing was simply a vestige of a day long gone by, as in a hundred years ago. Nope. Hitch went both ways--actually, he didn't. While maintaining assiduously his heterosexuality, he diddled with other boys at school because there were no girls about--explaining it like it was just something boys did, like practice. Blech.

Now reading "The Pregnant Widow" by Martin Amis, one of Hitch's buddies.

"The Hammer" said...

Thanks for clearing that up CW. Christopher Hitchens' sexual proclivities have always been on the top of my need to know list.
Did he mention how many bottles of scotch he goes through a week?

Mudge said...

Speaking of anniversaries, do we really have to endure yet another period of media infatuation with that freakshow Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his "tragic death?" Tragic, right.

And regarding the McChrystal story, while I agree completely with President Obama's decision to fire him (it is afterall what he did--make no mistake), do you think if this had happened during the Bush Admin, the media would have given the Commander in Chief such a free pass on the underlying story of his lack of competence as a national security strategist?

Anonymous said...

As a four star General member of the United States Armed Forces, it was General McChrystal's duty to keep his mouth shut about his civilian bosses and to allow his actions to overcome their stupidity in ways that they would be unable to comprehend. Or, if his views were that stongly held to come out in the open and tell the world that our Commander in Chief is dumber than dirt. Country over career ALWAYS.

Sally said...

Hell no Mudge. Gen McChrystal would be hailed as a hero with great courage to 'speak truth to power. I'm really getting tired of hearing opinions this week from General Andrea Mitchell and General EJ Dionne.

Just finished Laura Bush's book (I know no one here will read it, but it was wonderful) and am about to start Vince Flynn's latest. I love Mitch Rapp.

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