Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a load of carp

Since 4,237 czars are not enough for this Administration, Sen Dick Durbin of Illinois is urging that a 'Carp Czar' be appointed to curb the growing presence of Asian carp in Lake Michigan.

I can't discern from the article why this is is such a harrowing problem. Nor can I imagine someone introducing himself as the Carp Czar at a cocktail party. I do imagine there are other things Senator Durbin could be spending his time on, though.

That is one ugly fish.


Anonymous said...

Sally -- Dick Durbin is too late. The entire Obama Administration and MSM are full of "Carp" Czars.

They "Carp" about the Bush Administration, "Carp" about people who don't understand Healthcare Reform, "Carp" about racial bias when someone challenges The One.

Mudge said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Senator Durbin and his ilk were as enthusiastic about our illegal aliens as they are these undocumented pond cleaners. C'mon Senator, Carp-e Diem!

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