Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Senate Suspends Disbelief Long Enough To Confirm Petraeus

By a vote of 99-0, the Senate has approved General Petraeus' nomination as the new military commander in Afghanistan.

Nice to know that D's and R's can agree on something.


Mudge said...

Interesting though how you no longer hear the snide "General Betray Us" comments that were fairly prevalent from the leftists about this same general when his Commander in Chief was, well, not a leftist.

Anonymous said...

I believe that comment was printed once in a paid advertisement by a left group... don't know any credible liberal or progressive leaders who used that description... just conservatives drudging up anecdotal evidence and portraying it like it was more than a niche group of idiots.

Mudge said...

I never meant to imply the users of that term were credible. For God's sake man, I called them "leftists". Where would you get credible from that?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nice try, Anon.

It was a FULL PAGE ad in the NEW YORK TIMES, by, a very influential group on the left--if their membership (5.2 million) and their fund-raising is to be believed.

Niche group my butt.

Mudge said...

While we're at it, your "credible liberal or progressive leaders" didn't exactly jump to the support of the Republican-sponsored condemnation of the ad. One such 'leader' was a Senator from Illinois. I'll let you decide which.

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