Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Agenda For Tonight's Radio Show

Here's the working agenda for tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! internet radio program at 8PM: 

--The Economy/Stock Market
--No budget resolution in 2010
--The Russians Are Coming
--Robert Byrd
--Sotomayor Lies, Kagan Follows her lead (2nd Amendment)
--Financial Regulation—but no Fannie and Freddie
--Scott Brown most popular politician in Mass
--World Cup

Call in to chat at (347) 637-2203

1 comment:

"The Hammer" said...

I hope you're making some scratch 'cause you've been an absentee landlord lately.
And, as I told you before, you idiots aren't allowed to take about the World Cup. It's outside your brief, above your pay grade and beyond your comprehension. However you may talk about ABC's coverage, (which has been excellent apart from a few missteps) and your personal friendship with commentator John Harkes (New Jersey/UVA/Sheffield Wednesday) if you like.

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