Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

All time high (April 1 2009): 192.2
Last weigh in: 185.4 (5/30/10)
This week's weight: 183.6

A good week on the slow and steady front--worked out more than usual and ate relatively well. On travel next week, so I've got to watch what I do...

What's on your mind, folks? Speak now of forever hold your peace. Or your piece, for the second amendment crowd.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the annointed one part the waters of the Gulf and simply led an expedition of government employees to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico so they can properly fix this problem?

"The Hammer" said...

My World Cup predictions.
1) Defending World Cup Champion Italy will not win their first game.
2) Two time World Cup Champions Argentina will not advance out of their group.
3) Argentina's manager Diego Maradona will be ejected for attempting to snort the end line.
4) USA will play England to a draw or possibly even win, but then proceed to lose to Algeria and Slovenia by 8 combined goals.
5) The Dutch will play the most technically proficient football anyone has ever seen and then bow out quietly in the Quarter Finals.
6) The World Cup will not be shown on any of the 43 televisions in North Korea, unless they win of course. Presumably this will be done on a tape-delayed basis. Sony is ecstatic as the only known video recorder in North Korea is a model SL7200A BetaMax taken from a Japanese kidnap victim in 1986.
7) Côte d'Ivoire otherwise known as "Les Éléphants" will be the darkhorse in this years tournament. Didier Drogba will be the tournament's most outstanding player, much to my consternation.
8) German Capt. Michael Ballack is not expected to participate due to injuries. This is a great blow to Germany's chances as Ballack is unquestionably one of International Football's most prolific asshole thugs.
9) Landon Donovan, after a hard first half tackle by England's John Terry will cry like a pussy and subsequently be slapped around by teammate Carlos Bocanegra.
10) Spain will win the World Cup.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

323 points. Ouch. Sure hope you took my advice a few weeks ago and took your money out of equities.

Sally said...

I'm mystified that an administration that 'never lets a crisis go to waste' isn't out there talking up alternative beyond the always popular line 'ending tax breaks for oil companies.'

And I'm mystified that you didn't take me up on my offer to try and get the GOP candidates in VA-02 on the radio show.

BigFred said...

2nd Amendment Nod.

Doc Milnamo said...

Are you effin kidding me?

FTC Discussing Electronics Tax to Bail Out Journalism

And BTW Hammer, loved your #6!

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