Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Dead, And I Vote!

As part of its promise to review each federal departmental budget 'line by line', the Obama Administration announced today that it will no longer be sending checks out to 20,000 dead people. The action is expected to save an estimated $180 million.

No word yet on whether ACORN Communities United will challenge the new policy on the grounds that it violates the Voter Registration Act.


Doc Milnamo said...


Dan said...

You better hope that you really are dead if they take you off the payment list.

Can you imagine trying to get some bureaucrat to put you back on the payment list?

"Excuse me, but I'm not dead."

"Sir, you'll have to prove that to our non-Death Board."

Kinda like Monty Python -- "Bring out your dead.....But I'm not dead yet!"

PK said...

"You can't take it with you." But evidently you can have it sent to you later.

Are those checks somehow getting cashed? (Do they even know?)

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