Sunday, June 6, 2010

This Isn't Like Any Marine I Know

Former USNA Football player and recently discharged would be Marine Officer Adam Ballard is protesting his dismissal from the Marine Corps--a dismissal brought about by his cheating on a land-navigation test at a USMC School. Here's a key graph:

"In the letter, Ballard admits his actions were wrong but said they were facilitated by “inordinately lax procedures at TBS,” the Corps’ first step for newly commissioned officers. He alleged that as many as 30 lieutenants were originally accused of cheating and that 16 were eventually separated from the rest of the company as the investigation unfolded."

I got it--I was wrong, I cheated, but really only because your system made it an attractive option. Despicable.


Dan said...

"A source with knowledge of academics at the academy said the former star player finished his four years at the Naval Academy despite several failed classes and at least one honor code violation — claims Ballard does not deny."

I guess it's true -- a leopard doesn't change its spots.

"The Hammer" said...

Jarheads are like Mormons, straight as an arrow until they go bad, then look out! Of course this guy was an aspiring Jarhead, not really there yet. Glad they got him sorted.

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