Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The President and The General

President Obama acted wisely and correctly today in asking for General McChrystal's resignation from command of the field army in Afghanistan (I realize it isn't called that, I just like writing it).  And now General Petraeus will re-don his battle-rattle and head back into the fight, a place in which he has proven himself with distinction for the better part of ten years now.

This is however, Mr. Obama's last chance in Afghanistan.  If Petraeus cannot turn the corner on the battle with the Taliban in relatively short order (and I mean six months), it will be time for the President to cut our losses and begin to think differently about how to deal with denying safe haven to Al Qaeda.  Perhaps at the end of the day, Joe Biden had it right after all.  I don't know--but I supported the President's policy out of a sense that he be given the opportunity to win--and if we cannot, then it is time to end the nearing nine-year war.

The President's speech was sober and appropriate--he said all the right things, and he said them well.  He is the protector of an office, an office that cannot countenance the kind of disloyalty displayed by McChrystal and his team.

We Americans should ALL be proud today.  One of our cherished bedrock tenets--civilian control of the military--was reinforced for all to see.  The Army will not now alight from the barracks in coup d'etat.  The Constitution reigns supreme here in the land of liberty, the war must go on.  All good things to General McChrystal, a man who gave his all to the country.  


Doc Milnamo said...
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Doc Milnamo said...
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Doc Milnamo said...

Let's try this again:

The rule of law again wins. Another shining example of this occurred on August 9, 1974 when Gerald R Ford became the 38th POTUS; so far the only man to become president who was not elected President nor Vice-President. There were no riots in the streets, nor coup d'etat by the generals (or always seems to be the colonels!). The Republic went on without missing a beat.

Sally said...

I still have mixed feelings about this, but I think Obama's remarks were perhaps his finest hour as President. And this may be the first time Republicans really stood with him. A proud day, indeed.

BigFred said...

I am diving the depths of the interwebs to determine HOW this happened. Rolling Stone reporter. Extended layover in Paris due to the volcano. First alcohol in months. The pieces fit, but should never have been in the same box in the first place.

"The Hammer" said...

Krauthammer said he was a black ops General not ready for the spotlight. That sounds about right. No General with an ounce of awareness would talk to, or allow his staff to get drunk with, a Rolling Stone hack.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Eyjafjallajokull!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is not over.

The Administration and Democrats will continue to use this incident to further their agenda.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

By the way, who the heck is going to run CENTCOM?

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