Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Cheers for the Washington Post on Nuclear Waste

The WaPost editorial page raises the issue of nuclear waste and the role that its disposal plays in frustrating a further build-out of nuclear power in our country. My praise is limited however, in that the editorial staff simply cannot bring itself to question the President and Senator Reid on exactly why it is the taxpayers have sunk billions of dollars into Yucca Mountain--money Reid and the rapacious Nevada Congressional delegation have been happy to accept--without so much as an an ounce of waste material being stored there and no prospect for its future storage. Instead, the President impanels yet another "blue ribbon" commission to study the issue and gives it two years to decide.

This is hogwash. It is time to complete Yucca Mountain and begin shipping the nation's nuclear waste from its temporary, on-site storage locations to a location tailor-made--with billions of dollars of gold plating to boot--for its storage.


"The Hammer" said...

They studied this, and commissioned that for years, YEARS! This site in Nevada was chosen. Billions were spent in preparation. Then, just as soon as Obama was elected they said hang on, let's start the process all over again.
Another reason to hate Harry Reid.

Mudge said...

Hammer - Thanks, but I need another reason about as much as I need the nuclear waste. I'm maxed out on reasons.

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