Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ladies, Take Note!

From Cosmo, where knowledge of these kinds of things resides.



BigFred said...

Where I come from, in the "great unwashed Midwest", we use "Get in the truck, bitch" with great effect.

Sally said...

Thanks for the tip, though I just offered it to my beloved and the response was 'what are you talking about?'

"The Hammer" said...

Any woman past the age of 16 knows that if she can bypass the brain (easy enough to do) and get that other organ doing the thinking, the game is over. A man's intelligence, experience, all that crap falls by the wayside. It's like Kryptonite, only when we leave the danger area does our cognition return and we go "what the hell just happened?" or "why did I do that?" It's like being taken over by an alien and it's been the downfall of many good men.
Remember what Socrates said when asked about old age, the subsequent lack of a sex drive and what he thought about it. He said he felt as if he'd been released from a mad and cruel master.

"The Hammer" said...

Hey I didn't even notice, that's Socrates drinking the hemlock in my photo. Cool man, a little synchronicity.

Cohemoid said...

"...his "other woman," Rielle Hunter, has little to none of the above..." (looks, money, power, and intelligence)

What? OK, he's got the money and power; that is what attracted Hunter to him in the first place. But he looks like a blow dried, small town insurance salesman. He would have never gotten her on looks alone.

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