Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Agenda For Tonight's Radio Show

Here's the working agenda for tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! show--remember--it has a 9:30 start time

• Helen Thomas
- Election returns from last night
• Van der Sloot
• Israel Blockade—Iranian threats to escort
• Perfect game spoiled/Debut in Washington
• Oil spill (cont)
• Fired because she was too hot (“Miss Citibank”)


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Oh---and if there is nothing but dead air--it is because my flight was dreadfully delayed.

Dan said...

Van der Sloot.

Give him the electric chair so we can call him, "The Frying Dutchman."

Anonymous said...

If you are delayed, just let that fellow Fred fill in. He's the reason I tune in.

goroo said...

Anon...did Ed ever take over for Johnny? That's why CW needs to find a Joan Rivers.

BigFred said...

If we have time, maybe we can discuss who REALLY killed Nicole Brown Simpson, and the search for this person or persons.

BigFred said...

Anon, thank you, but I have neither the intellectual or technical gravitas to pull off an hour of discussion like this on my own, especially when you slackers refuse to call in. And as an aside, I am on my absolute "company manners" on the show, unfiltered Fred is not ready for prime time and probably will never be. I am satisfied to be Ed McMahon, to Bryan's Johnny, as I hear Ed used to tip a few before the show, and during the breaks as well. Ahem.

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