Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Do One Wrong and One Semi-Right Make? An Unusually Right Maureen Dowd Article

Thought I'd try to beat CW to lavishing praise on Maureen Dowd for a change. But first, no review of anything she has ever written would be complete (or credible) without pointing out just how incredibly deluded she can be and most often is.

In this Op-Ed about Obama and the media, she implies that the media is not and never really has been in Obama's bed. In fact, she asserts that it is only a unique handful of "some ideological cable guys and besotted columnists — including some conservatives" who have given the MSM an Obiased name.


Maureen, Maureen, Maureen. Quit looking in those mirrors that make you look so much slimmer and face up to the fact that you and the White House Press Corps concubines have been figuratively sleeping between POTUS and FLOTUS in a three-way lovefest (all three deeply in love with POTUS). And a few semi-critical Op-Eds here and there over the course of the most destructive Presidency in my lifetime amount to nothing more than hopping out of bed to take care of biological necessities before hopping right back into the love nest to resume your nuit d'amour.

But even Ms. Dowd appears to have figured out that after telling him she loves him ("I love you Barak Obama", "Of course you do, Maureen. I love me too."), he just isn't that into her. So, like a once fawning admirer who finally understands what all her girlfriends have been telling her since she started dating that guy with the leather jacket and motorcycle who can't pass a mirror without pulling out his comb, not only does this guy not love you, HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ANY NEED FOR YOU. Sure, he'll let you keep jumping into bed with him, but he has no compunction about tossing you out on Pennsylvania Avenue if you mention that you just want to talk.

I can't tell if she's more hurt at the realization that she's lost someone she never had or the realization that she's been giving up her pu--litzer to a guy who couldn't care less about her.

Let's hope she can start getting it right more often from here on out. But call me a Dowding Thomas--she appears to be falling for Say It Ain't So Joe.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

"Like many Democrats, he thinks the press is supposed to be on his side."

One is forced to ponder why many Democrats feel this way.

"The Hammer" said...

You guys are obsessed with Maureen Dowd. I know, she's got a couple of publicity photos out there from days gone by that are kinda hot. She has that sultry, pouting stare that implies she'd ride the pony quicker than Dale Evans.
Gentlemen I hate to burst your bubble but she ain't hot, she's old. She's only good at poking fun at susceptible males be they Democrats or Republicans (naturally she prefers Republicans for obvious reasons). That's what she does; her stock in trade.
She's not intellectually stimulating (or otherwise), she's not funny, she's not provocative; what she is is predictable and boring and Punch or Putz (or whatever they call that little dweeb) should fire her played out ass.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer--the point is, she isn't "played out", and if you think Punch Sulzberger (and his ilk) think that she is, you just don't understand the left.

Your assessment of her talent is spot on--your understanding of her impact is less persuasive.

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