Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Al's Blue Dress Moment

Blech - Al Gore apparently left a little more than a tip during his layover in Portland.


Sally said...

And the press has as much interest in this as they do the Blago trial.

It's too bad Blago is such a fool. There's some good stuff trickling out, and if it involved any other president, it would be followed with breathless interest.

Monica said...

Instead, it looks like he left a drip.

"The Hammer" said...

Who would have guess it? Al Gore a horn-dog. My Goodness me.

Lou Inskey said...

Albert Gore - Senator cum Internet Inventor cum VP cum Professor cum Academy Award Winner cum Nobel Laureate cum Stainer of Women's Pants.

BTW, there is rumor that he used date rape drugs to knock women out. I denounce any such accusation. Why resort to traceable drugs to induce unconsciousness when all he had to do was make her listen to one of his speeches?

And finally, can you really blame the guy for having a sex drive that would make his former boss proud? I mean, what hell it must be with both his globes constantly warming.

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