Friday, November 9, 2012

A Distinction Without a Difference

Ok we lost. We've got some work to do. We need to figure why we can't attract minority voters, women, gays and the idiocracy demographic. We need to accept amnesty, open borders and take anyone and everyone into the bosom of Abraham (Obama). We need to embrace the welfare state, gay marriage and abortion. Right now we are too old, too white and too male. Simply put, we need to adjust our values and ideology if we are to survive as a viable political party.

What's that? You don't agree? Neither do I, but that is exactly what folks like David Frum, David Brooks and Steve Schmidt will be advising. There are a few problems with this argument, and the one thing that really jumps out at me is... THEY ARE DEAD WRONG! I'll say from the outset, I don't care about the Republican Party. Any political party is just an organizing vehicle, no more no less. What I care about is the conservative/libertarian movement and a government that actually respects the Constitution. But the Republicans just turning into Democrat-lite would be a distinction without a difference, and doomed to fail. This kind of advise is like telling a rape victim to just lay back and enjoy it, can't do anything about it anyway.

To begin with, we are inclusive. We have many accomplished, brilliant people of all ethnicities and backgrounds and they are universally and continually harassed and vilified by a corrupt media. We live in a world where a guy like Clarence Thomas who scratched his way up, in a time and a place under some horrific circumstances most of us cannot imagine, a good brilliant man like this can have his name and reputation impugned unmercifully with no evidence whatsoever apart from the word of a liberal academic. But Bill Clinton, a guy with a well known sordid reputation, with tons of physical evidence, witnesses, victims etc., a guy like him gets a pass. And that was years ago, media corruption has only gotten worse since. So again, we are inclusive but it means nothing because the trouble we're in has nothing to do with inclusion.

No, we should not compromise our core values and principles. How could we? We are who we are. We don't run as this and rule as that. We don't hide our love of freedom or our insistence on personal responsibility. We are generous to a fault with our own money but refuse to voluntarily pay tribute to anyone based on past historical grievances that we had nothing to do with. We don't subvert the Constitution to appease ethnicity or gender or any arbitrary group/attribute simply because they are a voting bloc.  

This may indeed relegate us to permanent minority status, at least at this point in history. But truth is truth no matter if only one person says it, and a lie is lie if everybody says it. We must continue to speak the truth at every opportunity. Remember what Orwell said: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Make no mistake, that's what we are now, revolutionaries. We can choose the path of the coward and be serfs, or we can stick to our guns and eventually take back what is ours.

You may think I'm being hysterical, just talking a lot of nonsense, but I'm telling you now, hard times are coming. The system is weak and getting weaker. Sooner or later it will crash, I don't know when and I don't know how, but when that day finally arrives and the wealth runs out, this coalition of dependents, leftists and morons will be tearing each other's eyes out fighting over the crumbs. That will be our moment of opportunity. I'm telling you now, be ready, prepare, button up and protect yourself, resist when you can and wait for the inevitable. Do the best you can and remember, this place is ours and God wants us to win. Everything depends on us because we are the last hope for liberty on this planet. We are the last rampart before a new dark age, and keep on thinking free.


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Sally said...

Wouldn't it be nice if a presidential candidate eschewed outreach to the various 'communities' and instead looked at all prospective voters (you know, Americans) as AMERICANS? Isn't it at all insulting to these people to be lumped into one group that requires its own outreach?

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