Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanks Chris Christie!

Contrary to what some believe, I don't think Chris Christie cost Romney the election, but he certainly didn't help.  From Daniel Henninger's WSJ column today:

'Exit polls show that 9% of the electorate decided who to vote for just days before Tuesday, and among all voters, 42% said Mr. Obama's Hurricane Sandy response-the Christie photo op-was an important factor.  Of those, more than 65% voted for Mr. Obama.'

He's finished on the national stage.  His claims of 'I should be able to praise someone for doing a good job' would be true in a different world, but not six days from an election in the political world we live in.   And besides that, what exactly has O done in regards to the storm?  At this point in 2005, post-Katrina, people were screaming that George Bush hated black people.  Now people are freezing, starving and looting.  As Bob Dole might say...where's the outrage? 

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Mudge said...

"Where's the outrage?"

It's bound and gagged in the wet, dank basements of the NYT, WaPost, ABC, CBS and NBC, to name just a couple and a few, right alongside bound and gagged outrages for dismissal of our closest allies while kowtowing to our foes, for refusal to prosecute cut-and-dry cases of voter intimidation at the polls, for driving the nation headlong into what will certainly be irrecoverable debt when he's done, for dividing the population through outright villification, for minimizing the terrorist connection of the Ft Hood massacre, for covering up Fast and Furious, for covering up Benghazi and having a US citizen arrested and confined for making a You Tube video that had NOTHING to do with Benghazi, for unleashing the most unconstrained and authoritative US government agencies EVER and for having close personal or philosophical affiliations with Jeremiah Wright, Malcolm X, Cloward-Pivens, Karl Marx, Bill Ayres and a whole host of others who, were you or I to list them on our security clearance applications would result in certain disapproval and probable legal investigation.

Anyway, that's where I think the outrage is.

That and the calming effect of being assured you will never have to be weaned from the public teat.

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