Friday, November 16, 2012

Suzy Q=Cinnamon Babka

Union greed has sadly brought Hostess Brands to its knees today.  While we're hearing much about the demise of the Twinkie, the greatest treat Hostess offered us was the fabulous Suzy Q.
On those rare occasions as a youth when Mom packed my lunch instead of giving me lunch money, there was no greater treat to discover alongside my PB&J than a Suzy Q.   A Suzy Q meant love.  And it takes a back seat to no Twinkie! 



Mudge said...

Union = Parasite

Except they are self-consuming parasites, gorging themselves on their own life-giving organs until the organs can give no more life. In nature, they would not survive many cycles of this self-consumption. And as these Hostess Do-Dos just learned, nor in business.

Sally said...

If Hostess had shipped 18,000 jobs to China, they'd be excoriated. Or treated with the same derision as the good ole liberal bogeyman 'oil companies.' Since it's the union who's causing these job losses, no one seems all that exercised.

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