Sunday, November 18, 2012

College Football Review Week 12: BCS Gets Stood on its Head

Wow! What a difference a day makes. The mighty Crimson Tide of Alabama went down in an upset last week and lo and behold both one and two in the all important (at least for now) BCS rankings bite the dust this week. As you all know dear readers, in the beauty contest that is the current system a team may survive an early loss but rarely a late one. And the powers that be would much prefer traditional national powers Alabama and Notre Dame as opposed to Kansas State and Oregon playing for the big'un. So not many tears are being shed by the money guys.

I'm not all that surprised Oregon lost to Stanford. The Cardinal has a history of upsets and they're a pretty good football team. With 'Bama's loss Oregon must be feeling the pressure and they may have been looking ahead to next week's game with Oregon State, which of course is their big rival and also a pretty good football team (ranked 14th. or 15th.). So from a psychological perspective this was a dangerous game for the Ducks. And how many times have we seen this kind of thing?

And I'm not all that shocked Kansas State lost to Baylor either. Their Heisman candidate Colin Klein has been battling an undisclosed injury (whatever the hell that's about, what happened his dick fall off?) since their win over Ok. State. I've been expecting him to sit out a game or two, but he didn't. Regardless the guy hasn't been 100% for a while and he threw three picks yesterday. Plus Baylor's defensive coordinator held the same job at K-St., so he know that offense. Waco hasn't seen this much excitement since Janet Reno incinerated 75 men, women and children for watching too much Jimmy Swaggart.  

In other action Oklahoma and West Virginia had a shoot-out with the Sooners winning 50-49. I don't like either one of these teams, they're all hat and no cattle.
Some dude named Montel Harris for Temple ran up 351 rushing yards against Army and I would guess that's the most they've given up since Thomas Jackson's performance at Manassas Junction some years back. By the way, to my knowledge Jackson never sodomized anybody. I just thought I should mention that.
Clemson ran up 754 yards of total offense in Death Valley against some donkey team which shall remain nameless.
And after a mediocre Georgia Tech squad hung 68 points on those cheating, semi-literate mercenaries in Chapel Hill last week (, the best the University of Virginia could muster Thursday night was a lousy 13 points, AT HOME, against the Tar Heels. Oh but they're a young team. That makes it all better.

Oh yeah, let's say a word about Ohio State. Of course they're on double not so secret probation so they're off everybody's radar, but Urban Meyer has one hell of a football team. They're 11-0 and have been quietly kicking ass. Look for these guys next year. And also look for Meyer to go bi-polar schizoid after a few seasons and end up at Slippery Rock.      

Well that's it sports fans, next week is rivalry week. South Carolina at Clemson, Ga. Tech at Georgia,  Florida at Flawda St. and Virginia at VPI. And of course Alabama/Auburn and Notre Dame/USC.
C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.  

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