Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Election Was Lost in 1986

There's a good line in an old movie where the protagonist (a football player) is talking about getting to the Super Bowl: "And when we get there, let's already have won!" It's a great line and for me it conjures up images of hard work, preparation and attention to the fundamentals. As conservatives that is exactly what we have not be doing.

Romney ran a good campaign, not great but good. If he would have done this or that differently and gotten a break at the right time, he may have even pulled it off. But I'm certain that the American people, at least those interested, had enough information about the man to make a decision.

No, the problem is, be it this election or the next, what happened Tuesday was baked into the cake starting in 1986. That was the year Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration law worked out with Congressional Democrats Tip O'Neal and Jim Wright giving amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens (those were the days!). It was sold to the American people as a prudent compromise that gave illegals already here resident status but there would be much tighter border security and employers would face tough penalties for hiring illegals. Well we got the amnesty part, but not much else. The Democrats double crossed us as usual.

Since then we've had a steady influx of immigrants both legal and illegal. The illegals are typically poorly educated peasants from Mexico and Central America and the legals are typically poorly educated peasants from every third-world shit-hole this side of the slums of Calcutta. When they arrive their poverty rates are off the scale and they require (and get) much more government services (in percentage terms) than our own indigenous poor. As you might imagine they vote solidly Democrat.

The beneficiaries of Reagan's amnesty now have sons, daughters and grandchildren who are of course US citizens. Forget about legal immigration's impact on the election, just take away Tuesday's Hispanic vote and Romney wins in a landslide much like Reagan. And the Hispanic vote isn't going anywhere but up. This is the new reality. We have a lot of people who are hostile to what they see as the white power structure. They often times come from countries that don't value freedom, liberty or anything resembling American values. They are here to take, and with the help and encouragement of the Democratic Party they have elected a President. This situation will not change in our lifetime.

So, in the immortal word of Lenin, what is to be done? I'm not sure but I'm open to suggestions. There are a good few options I can think of off the top of my head, all of them bloody. But unfortunately for we conservatives electoral politics is not one of them. The Democrats have already won.


"The Hammer" said...

NewRepublican said...

Hammer's perspective is sad?
The nation needs a new Republican Party.
This new party will focus on fiscal responsibility, job. Creation, a foreign policy that affirms American values and is proud of American exceptionalism, a defense policy that protects vital American interests, immigration policy that celebrates our diversity and the economic benefits that flow from bringing hard working folks to our shores, and lastly respects the diversity in our nation
, this includes respect for the Judeo-Christian values which made our country great.
The new party will NOT focus on what Americans do in their bedrooms, or what they do with their body parts,

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