Saturday, November 3, 2012

CW for Romney Breaks $27K!!!

Thanks to three recent donations, one from my longest standing shipmate from the Navy, one from my favorite Swaziland travel companion and one from a great South Jersey woman and friend since second grade, we have broken through $27K.  My gratitude goes out to them and everyone else who has stepped up in this election.  This little blog has punched way above its weight in this campaign, both in the quality of its writing (thanks to Hammer, Sally and Mudge) and in the money we helped raise. 

I am confident for Tuesday.  Not certain, but confident.  Republicans will come out in numbers, and they will vote overwhelmingly for Romney.  Independents will choose Romney by double digits.  Democrats will not produce the turnout they did in 2008.  The polls showing Obama leads--especially in key states--tend to overstate Democrat turnout to an illogical degree.  All of this points to a Romney victory.

On Tuesday, the experiment will end.  The country turned to a bright, optimistic face in 2008, knowing he had demonstrated little capacity for the job but choosing to ignore that inconvenient fact in favor of his narrative and his rhetoric.  Four years later we realize the mistake that was.  The Presidency is no place for OJT.  One must have been tested elsewhere, preferably several times, before the complexity and pressure of the Presidency is even conceivable.  We picked an amateur and we got an amateur.  Now we will turn to a professional.

I admit to being nervous.  I awoke this morning (as I usually do without alarm) at 0530, but planned on going back to sleep.  This was of course, impossible, as my mind raced with "what ifs" as I lay in bed.  This is going to a tight election.  I don't think my normal 2200 hrs bedtime is in the offing Tuesday night, as Ohio will go long into the night.  If things go well, if the East comes through--say NH and PA break our way....after VA, FL and NC fall.....then we can breathe easier, as Ohio will then essentially cease to matter.  If any of those three--VA, FL or NC go to Obama--I think we will be in for a long, sad night.  But I don't think any of those states WILL go for Obama.

Be of good cheer, friends.  Competence is on the way.


Sally said...

Those Independent numbers are the ones I keep circling back to when I start getting that sinking feeling that O may well win. Haven't heard a single explanation as to how Obama could win when he's down, often double digits, among independents.

Mudge said...

You are being way too charitable about this President's shortcoming--sure, lack of experience certainly plays but the real issue is his disdain for our heritage, for our place of leadership in the world and for any shred of national exceptionalism. Furthermore, he sees the Constitution, as do the radicals euphemistically called "Progressives" as something that has outlived its purpose and should be discarded for a far more enlightened set of principles.
If he was just incompetent, that would be one thing. No, he's far more dangerous than just being inexperienced. This guy is doing precisely what he wants to do and that, more than anything else, is why we need to fire him and his ilk and not let them back in anything more significant organizer.

And, by the way, I remain confident that this will be a win for Romney by a far wider margin than anyone thinks.

Mudge said...
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"The Hammer" said...

Rest easy CW, at least when it comes to Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.
I think Obama may just steal Ohio but I also think Pennsylvania, Mini-soda, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and even Illinois are in play. Do I think Romney will win them all...not a chance. But even a pick up of one or two will be significant. I would dearly love to take Nevada but by all accounts the unions have that state by the gonads. Otherwise that old bastard Harry Reid wouldn't have won.
One more thing. That fat-ass turncoat in New Jersey guaranteed an Obama win there. Thanks for nothing asshole.

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