Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Depressing News from Last Night

-Alan "Republicans want you to die" Grayson is going back to the House.
-Allen West is not
-Mia Love isn't either
-Elizabeth Warren.  No explanation required.

But there is some good news:
-If John Kerry becomes Secretary of State, there'll be a special election for his seat...Scott Brown may find his way back in, if he has the stomach for it.
-Democrats will have to defend 20 Senate seats in 2014, Republicans only 13.  I recommend any Senate candidate or anyone even thinking about becoming a Senate candidate never mention the word abortion.  Ever.
-The entire country hasn't lost their mind.  A ballot measure in Oklahoma banning affirmative action passed 59-41.  Montana had a ballot measure denying services to passed 79-21.

We've got to cling to something.

1 comment:

Mudge said...

Your first four bullets bring to mind Dorothy's famous "Toto, we're not in [the U.S.] anymore.". Screw "brave"; it's a bizarre new world.

And Swiftboat Kerry as SECSTATE? Just when I was convinced we could find none worse than the "highly qualified" Hillary Clinton, you throw a cold glass of water in my face and trump me. The world apology tour can continue. At least now that the election is over, perhaps that poor sap who made the Mohammed video can get out of jail. I believe his court case is tomorrow. We better be careful here at CW--we could be next.

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