Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Looking For A Jerk of the Week? Found One!

This of course is John Swofford the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (figures). Swofford has been on a quest to turn arguably the best basketball league in the country (year in and year out) into a football league, because presumably that's where the big bucks are. However, all he seems to have accomplished is talking some of the nations best football programs into joining the league and then dragging said programs down to ACC levels of mediocrity. Florida State, Virginia Tech, Miami and Georgia Tech all went from playing college football at the highest level with many national championships among them, to also rans in the league and nation. And he's not done yet.

What was basically a Southern basketball league has turned into the Big East with the addition of Boston College, Pitt and probably UConn real soon. And what the hell is up with Notre Dame? I have nothing against expansion, but the character of the league must be maintained. I fail to see what bringing in a bunch of New England teams will accomplish. BC brings nothing to the table and neither will Pitt. And besides, I don't want to be sitting beside a bunch of Yankee bastards when I'm trying to enjoy a sporting event. They're losers and they'll eventually want everybody to get a trophy.

Now we've lost one of the original members, Maryland. I don't know what to say, this is nuts. This great league is being diminished and diluted by this ass-clown (and the bankers). Here's what the old left-handed one had to say... ”I think it’s a sad day.  You know, I played in the first ACC tournament when I was playing at Duke and I’ve always loved the ACC.  I coached in it for 17 years, did announcing in it for two years.  It’s a great league. … I think it’s a terrible decision [to move].  You tell me one thing that’s good about it.  Besides money, what’s one thing? … I’m an old timer.  I’m 80 years old.  College athletics used to be for the students, not for the business people.” Lefty Driesell: 
My thoughts exactly.

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