Wednesday, November 17, 2010

California Should Be A Trust Territory

This post is inspired by a conversation with my bizarro-muse, brother Tom.  Tom posted a story on his Facebook page referencing the California Supreme Court's latest descent into madness, a recent decision affirming the "right" of illegal aliens to receive "in-state" tuition breaks at State Colleges and Universities.  In the conversation, Tom described present-day California as a Liberal petri-dish--one growing for all to see the virus of liberal thinking.  "Liberals talk all the time about how we should cut the defense budget in order to pay for social spending.  Look at California.  They don't have a defense budget.  They don't have a "foreign policy"--they just have State stuff, including social spending run wild.  Anyone who wants to see what WOULD happen if liberal ideas prevailed simply has to look to California."

I told Tom I was conflicted about California.  As a conservative, I'm a states-rights guy.  But I suggested the time would soon be ripe for a federal takeover of the state--and this duality troubled me.  "Make 'em a territory again" he said.  "No rights of a State.  Make 'em re-apply."  What a wonderful idea--a sort of "bankruptcy" for States.  I added that we ought to treat statehood like the English Premier Football League, with the concept of "relegation".  "California, you're out.  Puerto Rico, you're in."  Wouldn't even have to change the flag.

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"The Hammer" said...

Tom was always the smart one.

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