Monday, November 1, 2010

Can't We Call Him In As the Relief President?

Game 4 of the World Series opened in Texas last night with Lyle Lovett singing the national anthem and George HW and George W Bush riding to the mound to rousing applause and cheers. While some will say it was a stacked audience, I'd say it was a pleasant if not nostalgic reminder of times when Presidents loved their country that evoked the cheers. George W tossed the ceremonial first pitch which was, as has been his tradition, spot on. Unfortunately, it may have been the best pitch coming from a Texan last night...the Rangers lost 4-0. Still, it was a momentary good night seeing Americans cheer two good men who served as President.

Just felt like reminding you of Mr. Obama's first pitch acumen....CW

1 comment:

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I love that man, and I love that he can still fire it in there....

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